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Phumlani Township Project

Phumlani Township is a small settlement outside of Cape Town, South Africa.  It is home to roughly 700 people, including 128 orphan children whose parents died of AIDS.  Almost 85 percent of the Township’s citizens are unemployed.  Despite high rates of disease, there are no healthcare facilities, and Phumlani’s citizens have no access to HIV testing, treatment, or other medical care.  All running water must be drawn from one of two spigots.  The water is not chemically treated to make it safe for human consumption, but Phumlani’s residents must either drink it or face dehydration.

AYAF has partnered with Youth Solutions Africa – a local non-profit organization – to provide support for Phumlani’s citizens.  Together, we are constructing a multi-purpose building to be used as a school, HIV testing and treatment center, day care, and local meeting center for the Township.  After construction is complete, AYAF will continue to support the citizens of the township by providing food, clothing, and medical care, including testing kits used to detect HIV and antiretroviral medications that are used to treat the disease and assure that it is not passed to others.  The multi-purpose building will serve as a distribution center for those materials.  AYAF will raise funds to purchase the items and train local citizens to use the HIV testing kits and administer the antiretroviral drugs.

In addition to providing food, clothing, and medical care, AYAF plans to focus on the education of the Township’s young people by providing funding for school materials and teachers.  There is no school near the township, and few of the children who live there can afford to attend the nearest public institutions, which require that they buy an approved uniform and pay a fee.  Therefore, AYAF plans to buy books and provide funding for teachers who will be hired and contracted by Youth Solutions Africa.  In the longer-term, our organization also hopes to place a computer with internet access in the township school.

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